Snow Country Holidays?

Eight important things you need to take when holidaying

Tourists in Louvre, Paris

Vacation to Europe? The countries in the continent is clearly very different from the country of travel originating from tropical country, there are certain consequences that need you to prepare.

Likewise, for example, when travelers from tropical countries want to vacation in the mainland United States, let's say you want a vacation to New York in the winter, the same thing you need to be prepared.

You know for tourists from Asia, travel to countries with four seasons would be a pleasant experience. Of course you need to find a lot of information, such as reviews on the site KompasTravel, January 1, the temperature conditions in the countries you will visit, how many degrees the lowest temperature and the warmest winter.

Preparations need to be done.

Layered clothing

There is no other way except you're in a situation to wear layered clothing. Starting from the long john shirt alias in tight to prevent the cold wind broke into the body, regular clothes, jacket or sweater, to toe incorporates super thick shoes and socks layered.

Winter coat and scarf

Highly recommended wearing a thick jacket, but not too heavy kind. You can buy it in the country of origin in the shopping center, because many are sold with various types such as furry coat or heavy jacket with a model extends downward.

Do not forget to use a scarf or shawl, because the neck becomes part of the body that need to be protected from the cold wind.

Heat Pack

There are various models, such as the type of instant heat pack is reusable and disposable. But usually shaped packaging by hand. You can use it to paste it in the body or simply held.

For the model of a reusable, after use, you can heat it with a microwave and reusable.

Earmuff and Beanie

Earmuffs used as headphones. There are manifold, there is a form headband and there is also a form of feathers that make the ears warm.

If you do not want to use earmuff, you can use a winter hat or more commonly called beanie.


Gloves became the essential fixture of winter clothing. In addition to warm the fingertips, can also withstand exposure to the cold of snow rain.

Heat pack can also be inserted inside the gloves and make your hands stay warm.

Lip Balm and Moisturizer Cream

Certainly needed lip balm and moisturizer to prevent your skin becomes dry flaky, and lips become chapped, as a result of exposure to winter winds on the face and lips.

To avoid this, lip balm and moisturizing creams must standby in the bag, especially for women.

Thick Socks and Shoes

We recommend using thick socks and shoes in order to prevent your feet from the cold. To stay warm at the same time stylish, advised to choose boots with thick materials like leather or suede.


It is a component that is worth considering. You need to bring personal medications while on vacation to the snowy country.

For example, as drug allergies, colds, fever, eucalyptus oil and other warmers.

Good preparation makes you and your friends companion will feel calm. Vacation anywhere, even to countries with extreme cold temperature would be passed well.

Source: R Aulia D - Tabloid NOVA, KompasTravel
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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