Leave Time, In addition to Vacation

Simple everyday activities for professional and office workers

Barbecue with family members - Image credit Marco Verch

Leave always been synonymous with vacation, but it turns out there are other things you can do when you're planning a leave time than a terrific holiday. There are many things you can do, because it does not always leave and automatically go on vacation somewhere where you want.

Some friends agreed when the time off, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, January 21, the day off work not only to be used for a holiday out of town or overseas.

1. Me-Time

Do not even forget yourself, and you need to take leave in order to provide a moment to indulge.

For example for women, perform facial and body treatments, either at home or in the salon. And, face re-sparkling after stress in the office.

You can select a movie collection (and watching movies) or buying some goods which have long wanted, also could be the right choice for me-time when on the leave.

2. Exercising

Your body needs to get the activity and fitness to keep fit. Let's take time for a short workout.

There are other things you can do, such as walking or cycling around the neighborhood home complex. After exercising the mind becomes fresh, and can help you eliminate saturated at work.

3. Playing with Pets

You need to remember them, they also need to play and receive affection.

Pastime play with pets can be said to be able to eliminate annoying stress from work.

4. Clean the house

Although tiring, but it will give you a pleasing result.

The real benefit is to burn calories, refreshing the mind as viewed in a more organized home. The house was clean and fresh can bring positive energy to the resumption of activity after the leave.

5. Gather Together with Family

The activities were very positive, but busy in the office during this time, so you often forget them.

You can also visit your parents, they will be welcomed. Another positive is to invite other family members to stay at home while barbeque partying with them.

There is always a great way to fill the time off is beneficial, though you might also want to carry out a holiday. It can be thought of another time.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia
Image: Marco Verch via Wikipedia


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