Air India Provides Services for Women

Airlines provide special six women seating in each their flight

Air India Business Class seats on board the Boeing 777-200LR/777-300ER - Image credit Nisarg Vyas

Services for female travelers who travel alone become one of the mainstays of an airline in India, Air India, they will provide special facilities for women who fly with the airline.

Will certainly attract the attention of traveling solo fans, especially women, as the quote from the sites CNN Indonesia, January 16, because women will appreciate the services of the airline.

As known, citing the other site Travel and Leisure, Sunday, January 15, Air India was the first airline in the world that have this service, and they make it as an attraction for women who are traveling solo.

It is delivered by Meenakshi Malik, a spokesman for Air India, that service is available in all classes.

"We will provide a six-seater for them in two rows side by side. This service exists in all classes, especially the economy."

They provide services as a representation of the Indian government, and the duty of care to improve services for women passengers, Ms. Malik said.

Services like this to be a discussion among the passengers, especially women, privilege in air travel. Generally the attention of the world's airline passengers is to the family, especially the airline that gives attention to children passengers.

This time seems different in Air India, they will start the services are specially enjoyed without having to increase fees starting January 18.

Air India considers the need to introduce special services for women, after a case of sexual harassment experienced by women travelers from a male passenger on a long journey.

Embarrassing harassment incident occurred, when a tourist passenger sleeping woman fondled by a male passenger who sat next to each other.

Not worth going on a flight, according to the airline that safety and comfort of woman traveling alone is the most important thing.

This service is feasible widely introduced, and immediately applicable to female travelers. Certainly after giving detailed information, when they were in the check-in counter.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: Nisarg Vyas via Wikipedia


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