Chinese 'Wine' Made from Bamboo Blade

Wine or beer is made in oak barrels, but the Chinese wine stored in live bamboo trunks

Bamboo forest at the foot of Huangshan, China - Image credit JesseW900

Chinese wine also called arrack is not made through the processing stored in wooden barrels that are prevalent in the processing of liquor, because of the tradition and the environment is different, so the pattern of domestic processing in China is different.

This is done by a bootlegger named Chen Chao, citing an article on the sites CNN Indonesia, January 18, he used bamboo sticks to make the process of fermentation homemade alcoholic beverages since 2015 in Sichuan, where the famous bamboo forest Shunan Bamboo Sea.

An interesting idea, bamboo stalks can produce a distinctive aroma can even be beneficial to health.

Certainly a long process after he found a lot of ways, even by entering the cereal ingredients of beer into a bamboo rod with high-pressure techniques.

Chen said, citing AFP, based on his experience he prefers young bamboo sticks because can still grow, thus enabling him to 'harvest' with good results when entering the month of April.

Calculations that he has, April is considered as the most appropriate moment to harvest because in conjunction with the annual celebration of Qingming, a celebration aimed to honor the ancestors.

"During the fermentation process, the liquor in a bamboo mixed with the flavonoids that produced by the bamboo, also mixed with sap."

Recipes and discovery of Chen-style liquor, according to local beliefs, flavones and bamboo sap is considered to have a detoxifying effect and plays a role in lung health.

This drink also reduces the alcohol content, the bamboo will absorb the alcohol from the drink. And, through a series of treatment he was able to produce a total production reaches at least 25 thousand liters per year.

"Our production is quite limited, about 50 to 60 thousand bottles per year, each bottle contains 500 to 600 milliliters."

He was still thinking of other ways more efficiently in order to provide increased production, as efforts to deal with competition among bamboo bootleggers.

Alcoholic beverages have always been a fan since time immemorial, Chen understand the need for this drink, so it is necessary to learn the traditional techniques of the place of origin, the eastern province of Fujian.

Chinese-style liquor from the work of an artisan liquor, would be appreciated, and Chen will find the best ways of presentation.

Source: CNN Indonesia, AFP
Image: JesseW900 via Wikipedia


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