Cooling and Enjoying Hot Coffee

Hot coffee will issue its delicious aroma, but do not rush, please!

The Coffee, illustration - Image credit Café Comercial

Tempting hot coffee will make you want to immediately gulp it down into the esophagus, as if you were getting impatient. You will smell the aroma of fragrant, filling the entire room around you, and make you want to quickly enjoy it.

But. Be careful, quoting the article on the site KompasTravel, January 13, because when you're drinking hot coffee in a hurry could have been "burned" your tongue and throat.

You want to make coffee is subject to your will, but you need to respect how the coffee arrived in front of you. It enjoyed the coffee was like a daily life together in this lifetime.

Like a ritual activities for young people, in busy schedules, they always had time to visit coffee shops.

When you enjoy it in a glass cup, you can imagine the journey from only coffee beans. From the shape of the seed until ready to harvest that requires passage of three years.

Once harvested, the coffee will enter the stage of processing, and after this requires the next step.

Say you're dealing now with a cup of hot coffee, hang tight for a moment. The coffee must be cooled for a while. But you often find the coffee fans that cools the coffee by strong blowing the surface of the coffee cup. You know not that the wrong way.

I found a site that provides guidance for the coffee enthusiast, Travel and Leisure, Friday, January 13 describes two ways to cool the coffee properly.

The first, blowing of a small hole in the cup cover (lid). You can blow with a hose for a few seconds, and it was not done at once.

The second, open the cup cover (lid) of coffee. Perhaps this more effective and faster than blow of a small hole. You can try it.

There are still considered more scientific manner, that is by "cool with evaporation". In this way by making the exposed surface, the greater the possibility of evaporation.

You do not want to enjoy a coffee, then "burn" your own tongue, you should be able to 'cool' the coffee, a little patience and some respect, beforehand in two ways earlier.

Not too long ago, so its estimates, about five minutes, and ... You've been partying with your coffee.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, Travel and Leisure
Image: Café Comercial - Spain


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