Free Yourself from Year-end Stress Attacks

Especially in the moments leading up to Christmas and New Year

Barbeque at the year-end party - Image credit Marco Verch

Hangout at the end of the year has always been part awaited by many people, you've imagined events with friends, spend New Years Eve party at a friend's house nearby, or may be assembled in an open park with residents of the city.

But. End of the year is not always pleasant, such as reviews of articles on the site CNN Indonesia, December 31, while for others, the end of the year means the year-end office works report, job tasks increased, even perhaps just wait without doing anything.

Sherrie Bourg Carter, a psychologist in an interview in the sites Independent, people who actually feels stress as the year-end.

"The chaos due to the amount of work or all the things that are around make a person's mind contains over stimulation."

Senses working excessive stimuli or stimulus that really are not important, she said.

Such conditions make a person distracted and make them feel there is always business to be done and feels guilty about not doing it.

Chaotic feeling that is felt also make a person more difficult to focus. She says, when the end of the year comes, there will be many things that can make a person do not focus until they got stress.

When you hold a year-end party, maybe your house ruined by a party, until the pile of work in the office.

That is why, after the holidays, new year celebration party, you feel as if the empty feeling. Experts say start to straighten the nearby area such as the kitchen.

The holiday was over, but you have to stay active, and to clean up in the kitchen will be a spur to continue doing the same thing elsewhere. You will get satisfaction.

There are still many other things to keep working fussing, such as picking up DVDs that accumulate, dusty books, sweeping, or collect magazines scattered around the house.

You can recover as soon as possible, you can increase feelings of satisfaction to see something other than the affairs of the house, you can begin restructuring of social media with a 'streamlining' of friends there who can create a feeling happier, healthier, and far from the stress.

A new day, a new year, after a holiday and new year celebration party, smoothing friendship anywhere, at work and in social media.

Disposing of friends who are no longer good for yourself. Even rethink many upload some of your friends on social media that often create a sense of inferiority. Consider the status of friends in social media.

Done, and you can stare at the new year with confidence, streamlining of life to live healthier, and the experts say, sleep better, more relaxed, and it's easier to focus on the goal.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Independent
Image: Marco Verch via Wikipedia


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