New Way 'Refining' Wine Taste

Especially for beginners to get a taste bitter and unpleasant

Wine - Image credit G Alexei

Types of wine on the market has a variety of flavors that may be different, especially for beginners who do not understand the unique taste of wine and more trouble again if given the low quality of the wine.

Often a mistake for beginners while enjoying wine, it is interesting when you got the offer to enjoy it, but the wealth sip wine flavor is not as easy as ordering fresh iced tea.

The situation is different in the case of an expert, knowing what to choose among a row of wine list.

Say a beginner who wants to get a taste of the wine better, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, January 23, reveals the experience of a former Microsoft chief technology officer Nathan Myhrvold, based on his experience when gathered together other important colleagues.

Myhrvold using objects that can be found in almost every restaurant, namely salt. According to him, citing the website of The Independent, he discovered indirectly when a colleague in a dinner party.

Well, at that moment the colleagues want to enjoy more wine taste on the tongue and not so sweet, and he spontaneously adding a pinch of salt into wine, and says the technique for making wine has a more savory flavor and not too bitter.

Although little doubt noticed his reaction at the banquet, but unexpectedly, believe or not believe, Myhrvold said the taste of the wine so much better and to continue doing so in other occasions.

An experience that is found just spontaneously, balancing the flavor of wine is important, and therefore this simple technique is considered to be very helpful.

I think you're worth a try one day, for example in front of your table is currently present a bottle of wine, without knowing its quality. Even if there are people who have low-quality wine to try another technique, namely by stirring quality wines in a blender for 30 seconds.

Constraints may occur when you do not bring a blender anywhere, including places to drink, to various other places, at least a pinch of salt can be a helpmeet who want to enjoy a glass of wine.

Source: E Priherdityo – CNN Indonesia, The Independent
Image: G Alexei


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