Champagne for Enliven Your New Year

Six champagne recommendations including the non-champagne wine

Bollinger Special Cuvée - Image credit Bollinger

Champagne for the New Year? Who is the one of you who refuse to enjoy it? The atmosphere is festive with family or close friends to celebrate New Year in a special and fun place, could take place at the residence of yours.

You will receive special guests along with elapsed time to welcome the year of hope and new.

The moment of turn of the year did bring a lot of desire from the host will receive his guests, such as review sites CNN Indonesia, December 31, 2016, they were thought to present their best dishes to be enjoyed with family and close friends.

And, do you know if for some who are present in such a special moment, champagne is the drink that should not be overlooked. As the quote from the site of The Daily Meal, one of the French champagne producer, Billecart-Salmon champagne has six recommendations including the non-champagne wines to accompany your new year celebration party.

1. JCB No. 21 Cremant de Bourgogne

Beverage mix between chardonay wine for the production of white wine and pinot noir for red wine.

It feels can improve mood, so that the party will be more fun. With a price of US $ 19 per bottle, the champagne of this type including the favorite for pocket-friendly.

2. Charles de Cazanove Brut Champagne

These drinks contain 10 percent chardonnay, 30 percent pinot noir, 30 percent pinot meunier and, thus making it more rich fruit aroma.

Much in demand because of the strong will be sweet and distinctive aroma of barley. The match enjoyed champagne at the more casual and everyday life.

3. Voirin-Jumel Brut Tradition

Manufacturers from the village of Cramant, France is famous as a maker of champagne, taken from wines produced by local farmers in the village.

Has a balanced composition between chardonnay and pinot noir, flavors offered many a favorite of connoisseurs of champagne.

4. Delamotte Brut

Tasty drinks that have a strong flavor but not aggressive. The taste and aroma of fruit too thick felt.

Champagne drinks with a little orange flavor, lemon zest, and a white flower. It is suitable served with a dessert of fruit.

5. Bollinger Special Cuvée

The dominance mixture of pinot grapes that produce the aroma of baked apples were firm and rich. Fit combined with sushi dishes until cheese or ham.

When you enjoy it, so be prepared with the flexibility of unlimited consumption.

The guests have been waiting for a special presentation of the host, and when you poured a drink that has been recommended previously. Trust me, they'll give appreciation.

Happy New Year!

Source: O Satyaningtyas - CNN Indonesia, The Daily Meal
Image: Bollinger Special Cuvée


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