Planning a Vacation Can Make Stress

Arrange holidays can be a thing that leads to disappointment

Holiday in Dreamland Beach, Bali - Image credit M Ludong

Holiday schedule can occur at any time while you arrange them, maybe in the near future or maybe you can view the calendar for a year and find the right time. This is the moment that is favored by many people, but according to a survey it can be otherwise.

Following a recent study from Ohio State University, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, January 17, it can indeed happen, someone who saw the calendar, then it makes him/her confused.

Furthermore, a study published in the Journal of Marketing Research, as conveyed by the sites Travel and Leisure on Sunday, January 15, stating that the activities of planning a vacation to make the holiday time becomes annoying and even as completing the debt.

A researcher, Selin Malkoc said, "The activities planned as well as work. Fun activities planned will reduce the element of fun."

Some questions posed to a number of participants of the fun activities that always leads sucks, you know, they respond with a number of activities, most of the outdoor activities are wont to do during the holidays, such as climbing a mountain until the hangout to the bar.

The more interesting to note that, because it turns out all the activities carried out by planning in advance.

"Planning is too detailed to make people forget to enjoy the atmosphere, making such a fun time job. Not activities that sucks."

They, the researchers say it does not mean you do not need to make plans, because prior to the holidays, of course people should have a plan to buy a ticket or reserve.

But. The researchers specifically wanted to convey, in order to avoid such activities, making vacation plans become too detailed.

Malkoc provide a solution, namely to simplify planning and reduce expectations.

You can invite close friends or the office friends, he said, maybe you can look for the most appropriate time, for example in an enjoyable weekend, walking towards a city without making any list of places to be visited.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: M Ludong


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