Obama and Trump in Kalorama

Kalorama, which is located in the elite area of ​​Washington, US

Michelle, Malia and Sasha at DNC – Image credit Ava Lowery

Obama and Trump will be neighbors in the elite residential complex place, and you immediately know if the people who live there soon talk to each other in advance of them. Not too loud a voice that sounded, but there is enthusiasm in their tone.

Are they going to be neighbors? So about talks circulating this afternoon, they whispered, perhaps fear of being heard by others, even though their friends already know.

But. Needless to splashy, citing lifestyle site CNN Indonesia, January 6, because soon the residents there will be the arrival of two new very popular neighbors. So they will take it with a variety of feelings in each other's hearts.

So it goes, as the Obamas, citing the AFP website, Friday, January 6, they decided to settle there after no longer inhabit the White House.

In the case of the Trump family, all I got the news that the Trump's will be represented by his eldest daughter, Ivanka, who will remain with her husband, Jared Kushner.

Naturally, when Kalorama residents will feel a different atmosphere in the days to come, believe the crowds may occur at any time, the media will come together, probably just looking for a unique news, or anything that can be made into news.

They, Obama and Ivanka, the two families will start to settle in Kalorama after Trump sworn in as president on January 20.

The area is worth mentioning the elite with the housing market in the plush suburb of the start of billions of dollars, especially if you want to rent a house, the price is not cheap, ranging from tens of thousands of dollars per month.

And that's where the family gets together, neighbors and socialize, perhaps, with other local residents.

Okay, this area is only about three kilometers from the White House, Kalorama neighborhood inhabited by many government officials and high-ranking officials from abroad.

However, there have always been and are generally former US president will leave Washington after no longer served. But Obama chose to live for the sake of their children's education, the smallest, Sasha, who will graduate from high school in 2018.

While Malia, his oldest daughter, was preparing to get into Harvard University. Perhaps with such considerations, the Obama family is present and settled in Kalorama.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, AFP
Image: Ava Lowery via Wikipedia


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