Six Objects Frequently Stolen from Restaurant

Objects that may be deemed 'ridiculous' to take home

Glass with bar or café logo, illustration - Image credit Café Comercial

Good food restaurant particularly those with specific menu is the place to eat that is favored by many customers for a return visit, there is always a certain kind of food they like, so they want to go back there.

But. You know on the other hand is always also things you might not expect, without customers consciousness will see some specific objects that 'maybe' they like. You know, quoting a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, today, there's always stuff that is so cute display in a cabinet or on the table as cutlery, according to their customers.

Maybe just for a moment, the desire to have it, but worse is when someone's trying to have a way to steal. According to Thrillist, there are some people desperate to steal various objects in the restaurant, even the 'strange' objects that they take.

1. All Bloody Mary glasses

Taking a cocktail glass, suppose a mere mistake. But. Absurd when they steal all of the contents in a Bloody Mary bar.

As stated by John O'Donnell, the bartender, that a customer took a 'train' full Bloody Mary to be presented to everyone in the casino.

2. Pie knockoff

It is common when a restaurant exhibiting certain food products in the form of imitation in the lobby, solely so that people are interested to buy. As performed by Michael Files, brand director Buxton Hall Barbecue.

"Someone stole the imitation pie plate. Later in the evening, a taxi driver online restore it. They may realize that it's just a hunk of developers."

3. Toilet paper

You do not believe that toilet paper could be the target of theft. According to John Bush, the owner of Massoni in New York City, toilet tissue including objects most often stolen.

"It's confusing to me, although I think maybe this is the first thing you spend, and do not think to buy it. When you're in a restaurant and go to the toilet, you might think can take it."

4. The photo frame

Restaurants often put a message board posts or instructions in a beautiful frame in the sinks. This turned out to invite the attention of the customer's temporary, because the photo frame often disappear.

Kaitlyn Goalen, brand manager Ashley Christensen Restaurant says, "Frame it had been repeatedly stolen. It confuses the employees."

After 5-6 times disappear, they decided to create a wall-mounted.

5. Funny writing in toilet

After the photo frame, the cute toilet paper bookmarks are also not spared from theft.

Michael Files, brand director Buxton Hall Barbecue also added, "In early start Chai Pani (Indian restaurant), our funds are very limited, so it is difficult to fix a broken toilet. Finally I made a bookmark in the form of funny."

Something interesting, funny and sweet to invite the attention of customers. Evident signs have been stolen, not just once but three times. They finally chose to fix the toilet.

6. Glasses

This thing is one of the most common items stolen in the restaurant. As said by John Bush, "People usually steal beer glasses bearing the name of the bar."

According to their experience, at least 36 dozen glasses will soon disappear within six months.

I'm sure you can see a similar experience in your neighborhood or in your city. And, the missing objects sometimes does make you laugh.

Why should pick it up?

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Thrillist
Image: Café Comercial


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