Calories from Food Ingredients At Lunar New Year

Food dishes and fruits are commonly present at the celebration of Chinese New Year

Yusheng - Image credit Nathaniel

Culinary at the Chinese New Year so much variety, but in general you will see who is always faithful when presented to all members of the family, including a salad specialties from China, namely yu sheng.

You'll be tempted to see all available at the front desk, could not wait to try it. But to keep the fitness of your body, you'd see the calorie content of each dish served.

These foods became a symbol of prosperity and blessing. Food that is believed to bring good luck in the next year.

Orange Fruits

On the day of the Chinese New Year celebrations, then you will often see an orange fruit, the fruit that should not be overlooked. In a medium-sized orange fruits weighing 75 grams contains about 45 kcal calories.

Oranges have a small calorie content, you do not have to worry about eating grapefruit more than one. Besides low-calorie, oranges are also rich in vitamin C and has always functioned as a neutralizer other foods.

Layer Cake

Kind of layered cake with a soft texture, when you eat will taste very sweet. This dish is perfect enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee.

This cake, a piece of layer cake weighs about 30 to 50 grams, and contains about 195 kcal calories.

Nian gao - Image credit S Lee

Nian gao

These foods are known as basket cake, made with a mixture of glutinous rice flour, oil and sugar. Had the number of calories you need to look at.

In a slice of nian gao of 50 grams of calories as 156 kcals. You'd better be able to limit the consumption when you're dieting, and eating in moderation only, a maximum of two slices a day.


This food is given meaning in the life of the Chinese family, also called yee sang and became one when the Chinese tradition. Made of 17 kinds of materials, these fish salad stuffing mixed with carrots, cucumbers, radishes until ginger. To add flavor, also given the complementary of sugar sauce, seasonings and pieces of salmon.

These foods play a role in being together, because they are eaten together in a large dish-washers. The content of the portion of the yee sang contain 100 grams, calories amounted to 144.6 Kcal.

Indeed, in addition to the four types of food on top, you can found more food typical, but that food and fruits often do you encounter when the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Source: L Mustinda - detikFood
Image: Nathaniel via Wikipedia, and S Lee


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