After Holidays, Let's Plan More Vacation

Back to work, feeling heavy and sad when you get back to the routine

Holiday on the Dreamland Beach, Bali - Image credit M Ludong

Post vacation blues otherwise known as the peculiar circumstances can occur in a lot of tourists who had just returned from a fabulous holiday. You will experience certain situations, you lose the spirit after returning from a long vacation.

When the morning you'll go to the office, back to work, it's really heavy. No need to wonder, as the reviews on the site KompasTravel, today, generally experienced by many employees in the office with little days time to vacation.

You know, it does look like how typically, maybe you can take for granted, or may soon be over. Like a gust of wind in the afternoon.

But a friend said, you deserve beware, these symptoms seem trivial but actually can affect your work. Conceivably when in the office, you are affected by this situation, a lot of work will go in the wrong direction.

An author of the book, "The YOU Plan", Michael "Dr. Woody" Woodward, in an article on the site, said that there are solutions, some tips to deal with those feelings.

He even suggested for the tourists who experience it is to plan some "mini vacation" than "a great vacation at the end of the year or in the middle of the year".

This solution looks attractive, as a tourists would be invited to do some small activities, which may have you waiting for a long time.

"Design activities that will keep you out of the routine work, so that they can refresh you, excite you, and give you the opportunity to remove your stress."

Suggestions were nice and healthy by planning a short holiday weekend trip to a nearby town. Towns near the city of origin, but you still get a holiday mood, you can stay overnight in the tourist destinations.

And, in the next stage you can plan more seriously, discussing it with more friends, a long-term holidays in tourist destinations are located quite far away from where you live. No need is too far away. Select travel destinations that can be explored within three days and two nights.

You can plan on a weekend to a different tourist destinations of the island. And, the mood will return to normal as befits you.

Source: KompasTravel, Huffington Post
Image: M Ludong


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