Airlines in the US Plans Eliminate Entertainment Facilities

American Airlines will negate the entertainment facilities in its new Boeing 737 Max

AA Flagship Freedom - Image credit Anthony92931

Entertainment facilities in the airplane has become one of the strengths of each airline in the world, you know it's nice to get entertainment in air travel. In-flight entertainment, the certainty of a seat, the travel time to the destination can be reached by a short, particularly in the travel distance.

Especially long haul flights of which spent a long time, citing the article on the sites CNN Indonesia, January 27, space is limited in seating, as a result, boredom will be easily settled, so the in-flight entertainment service will be able to eliminate the things above.

But. You will know the considerations above, as reviewed in the article on the site on Thursday, January 26, that American Airlines viewed from a variety of separate consideration.

The world's largest airline company, said that the facility be eliminated as more and more passengers who do not use it, and choose to use tool that brings its own, such as mobile phone, tablet, and laptop computers.

There is a shift from the passenger side of the drive out boredom in the air, especially in long-haul flights, such as chatting, and even then if the trip is done with friends or relatives. Another way to the gadget or multimedia device will usually be the first choice, despite the weaknesses and limitations of its own.

American Airlines has considered well by abolishing the entertainment facilities will make the airline reduce costs. They will make the exchange with wireless internet facilities are paid.

It is delivered by the airline through its official statement, "As many as 90 percent of our passengers to bring their own means of entertainment, so the best entertainment facilities are rarely used."

While going through the sites Telegraph, an average airline can spend around USD 3 million to build entertainment facilities in one plane.

American Airlines is not alone in the decision to eliminate in-flight entertainment facilities, and the passengers seem to be able to understand this decision. Before those of other airlines, such as Jetstar, Virgin Australia, and WestJet, also has obviate entertainment facilities.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia,, Telegraph
Image: Anthony92931 via Wikipedia


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