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The wine tradition that is always set by the art of judging wines

Mont Gras, illustration - Image credit G Alexei

Wine fermented alcoholic beverages that have a specific value for the fans can now breathe easier, a new breakthrough from a wine online store that dare to set a fairly decent price. They, the online store manager transparently provide pricing details of manufacture.

But. It is considered less prevalent, because according to tradition that has been known so far, wines that were previously set based on the art of judging wine, compared with a definite calculation.

Real change happen, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, January 16, the online sellers are brave enough, for every purchase of the wine bottle, costing from plantations to packaging presented transparently to consumers.

Interesting picture on the site Quartz, an online store owner, Mark Tarlov, wine shop owner named "Alit Wines", confessed to deliver wine to customers directly without going through distributors and retailers.

Sensations they provide through the pricing details to give pleasure in enjoying the wine.

"To understand why the cost of wine costing of charges, and what makes it such, will give satisfaction to the wine."

He acknowledged the publication of details of the cost, as the appreciation of the wine, and at the same time will tell consumers the long process of making wine from the plantation to the fermentation.

Illustrations prices for Pinot Noir 2015 from Oregon Willamette which amounted to US$ 27.45. The price includes the cost of the plantation and fruit (US$ 5.6), wages of five employees (US$ 2.14), equipment and plant (US$ 3.31), a barrel (US$ 1.1), labeling and packaging (US$ 2.88), plus 45 percent of profits (US$ 12.35) bringing the total to US$ 27.45.

Price showed higher than the average price of wine in the United States, Tarlov not worry, he wants consumers to understand the making of wine and are satisfied with the wine produced.

You deserve to know, Robin Goldstein, author of books on food and wine, "Overall consumer can not tell the difference between an expensive wine, and that's when the label and packaging are hidden."

He says there is a negative correlation between taste and price, a price below US$ 15 is considered more delicious than wine at prices above US$ 100. Even then Goldstein assess the way that has been done by Alit Wines good for consumers.

"What I like about Alit Wines are those detailing all of its expenses, and this is good for consumers. It makes the consumer can decide, for example whether it is worth paying the French Pinot at face value."

Source: P Tripeni Juniman - CNN Indonesia, Quartz
Image: G Alexei


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