Leave Not Just 'holiday' from Working

There is of more significance meaning than just a 'break' from office routine

Ready for vacation - Image credit M Kretyawan

The right to leave of workers and a chance to get off than on holiday is something that becomes part of the work itself. Certainly there has been a previous agreement that occurs between workers and companies.

Granted leave of absence can be regarded as the rights of workers, but you can think of other things you might need to know.

Citing the sites CNN Indonesia, January 14, in an interview with a psychologist, Vierra Della, that however the man does need to be given a break.

They, the workers deserve a vacation, to travel to the places they dream. And may have been frequently discussed in the office with fellow colleagues of other workers.

"Like a machine, the human need to small service, ie weekends, and great service every month, which is on leave. This is often not used by many workers."

Indeed, there is a presumption that the leave of absence is only considered as a right that must be carried out, for fear of 'missing' when not taken. Maybe some of them thought of different things, for some people better off converted into material form as money.

According to Vierra, leave that has been determined by the company under the terms of the workers have a dual function for both the employee and the company.

You can imagine a sightseeing trip, arouse the imagination, leave can make the performance increases after fatigue due to work stress. Is not once finished executing a superb holiday with office friends can positively impact productivity, this would benefit employees because it encourages a positive assessment of the company.

In terms of mental health conditions and the company's productivity is awake due to leave would also help achieve the production target. They, the company and the owner can minimize the cost of medical claims to recruitment.

You can determine the durability of the workers, as said by Vierra, based on scientific studies of workers to work optimally within eight hours of work provisions.

Workers, young professionals, the millenials, should be more clever use of time of rest, avoid stress which leads to a decrease in productivity.

Vierra said, "The effects start small and physically as fatigue, ulcers, and others. The problem is, a lot of companies that do not have a schedule for routine medical check-ups, and the employees did not have an awareness of it."

If so, the best time at the beginning of the year to plan the well and healthy holiday trip with colleagues in the office.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia
Image: M Kretyawan


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