Chinese People No Longer Playing Snow

The Chinese government forbids its citizens to play with snow due to the impact of pollution

Forbidden Cty, Beijing - Image credit M Kretyawan

Playing with snowman or with snowboards now no longer can you find when you choose a holiday to China, the local government has been considering this matter, due to the impact of pollution disturb the big cities, especially in the industrial estates.

Something different in the city of Beijing when they welcome the difficult winter this year, the review of the sites CNN Indonesia, today, Chinese children no longer play around with the snow.

Authorities in Beijing, the Meteorological Agency announced the ban this week through the Weibo social media. They deliver a warning that up to three times.

"We advise residents to stay indoors. The snow outside is very dirty! The snow outside is very dirty! The snow outside is very dirty!"

Different views within the urban environment, you can see the people in Beijing who want to leave the house, they suggest that using protection.

"Use raincoats, jackets and umbrellas outside the home," read the warnings delivered to all residents of the city.

Pollution has been so disturbing urban environment, it is linked to a news release from the Ministry of Environment of China announcing Beijing's air quality index which rose from number 195 last month, to 470.

As is standard for city residents health set by the WHO, the safe limit of the air quality index is 25.

Well, you immediately understand when the number 470 is already showing signs of danger. The Chinese government worried about the snow come contaminated by air pollution, according to recent research, high air pollution also causes one in three deaths across China.

Travelers can see directly, due to the impact of pollution, they are no longer able to see the blue sky, replaced by a gray haze. Beijing face that turned gray it gets viral on social media.

More news on the sites Time, the Chinese government has vowed to address the problem, (they were prepared to renewable energy in 2020) especially after residents protested in downtown Chengdu, last month.

Now the presence of blue sky, according to the mainstream media in China, just visible throughout the 198 days last year. But now the pollution must be removed as soon as possible.

Source: L Kertopati – CNN Indonesia, Time
Image: M Kretyawan


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