Brexit Causes Jamie Oliver Close 6 Restaurant

British Exit or Brexit turned out to influence the culinary world

Jamie's Italian, London - Image credit Jamie's Italian Restaurant

The European Union no longer covers the UK, this occurs after the British a referendum to secede from the community of European countries, the impact was very broad, and this time override culinary circles.

A recent example is what happened to one of the British celebrity chéf, Jamie Oliver, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, today, because it had to close six restaurants of 'Jamie's Italian' in the UK because of the uncertainty and pressure after Britain decided to pull out of the EU.

Jamie has thought about this for a long time, and the sixth restaurant, located in Aberdeen, Cheltenham, Exeter, Ludgate, Richmond and Tunbridge Wells, must immediately cease operations.

In fact, as the quote news from Reuters, opens the possibility of six restaurants will be sold in the first quarter of 2017. And this decision has received confirmation from CEO Jamie Oliver's Restaurant, Simon Blagden.

"As is known to all entrepreneurs, the culinary business and post Brexit weight, the greater the pressure and uncertainty. That's what we decided to close the restaurant."

They have to consider many things, including a lot of quality problems, due to the Brexit impact making imported raw material price increases made after the value of sterling plummeted after Brexit, making the restaurant chain Jamie Oliver overwhelmed.

"We do not want to compromise on quality, including the matter of the materials we use and our commitment to deliver the best, including the matter of the quality of employees."

Meanwhile through business calculation of their restaurant, Blagden establish service achievement average of 3,000 orders every week to be able to continue to survive.

But. This does not mean their restaurant business will be bankrupt, Blagden said they would focus on developing a line of restaurants that are more edgy, Barbecoa, which will open two new branches in the UK, this year.

So it is always present optimism, they have a business plan in the future, Jamie's Italian will open 22 new branches abroad.

"We try not to lay off employees of the branches are closed and will move them to another restaurant chain."

Despite their optimism in the future, the closure of 6 restaurants certainly affect the company's revenue amounted to less than 5 percent.

Source: L Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, Reuters
Image: Jamie's Italian


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