First Weekend Getaways of Obama and Family

After officially leaving the White House from 20 January, 2017

Michelle, Malia and Sasha at DNC – Image credit Ava Lowery

A weekend getaway is a fun activity for anyone, especially if you can invite all family members participated in a trip to a tourist area. When you complete a task from an office job that makes you often forget the immediate family members, all of them draining and mind, it can even forget your closest people.

An article on the site KompasTravel, January 22, writes about the Obama family vacation, having formally replaced by the elected president, Donald Trump. Of course, before actually leaving the White House, on January 20, Obama still through exhausting ceremony for the inauguration of new president, last Friday, January 20.

So it goes, though they have hired a new rental home for a family in Washington DC, but Obama had planned a vacation in advance, with the whole family.

According to an article on the site This is Insider, Sunday, January 22, according to White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, Obama on a family vacation which scheduled to be held in Palm Springs with Michelle, Malia, and Sasha.

Of course after going through preparation, selection traveled to a town in the south of the State of California, USA is known by a row of hot water bath. The tourists who were there can select a row of luxury hotels, golf courses, spas are also spread over the area of ​​the elite holiday.

CNN site wrote, Obama and family will spend time in a villa in the area of ​​Rancho Mirage, belonging to Spain's Ambassador to America, James Costos. He previously known when gets the chance to design the interior of the White House during Obama's reign.

A pleasant place to rest and very adequate for a family holiday, a villa covering a total area of ​​11,000 square meters, complete with swimming pool and golf course views.

And this beautiful place once the base camp for Obama during his visit to the region. No need to wonder, Obama and the family have been familiar with the atmosphere in the surrounding area.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, This is Insider
Image: Ava Lowery via Wikipedia


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