Nightclubs in London Increase CCTV

Prevent the circulation of drugs which are prevalent in this nightclub

The night at fabric, London - Image credit 'fabric'

'fabric', a famous night club for lovers of nightlife, and was closed in September 2016, again formally operational from Friday, January 6, local time. But. You probably know the story of a scene that had approached this nightlife place.

For the fans the presence of a nightclub - in the area of meat processing in the city of London, especially for music fans with the dominant sound of drum and bass, techno and house music, it provides a pleasant way for two decades.

But an unpleasant incident occurred, citing the news on sites CNN Indonesia, January 6, they should be closed because the case of the deaths of teenage visitors suspected drug overdose.

The news media makes this case becomes so great, a visitor, Ryan Browne was found lifeless in June, after downing ecstasy. And this event was followed by similar cases in just two months, a visitor named Jack Crossley also killed.

The two visitors were allegedly bought drugs before swig in the 'fabric', citing AFP article on the site, as it is written that Crossley known to have downed bought drugs after he was inside. Evidence from investigators shows it plainly, they found grains of illicit pills in his underwear.

An investigator, Mary Hassell said, "Crossley died of poisoning. This is a serious case.

'fabric' can not dodge anymore, they had to shut down its operations, although later the 'fabric' management and soliciting support from the people of London to be able to convince the police institution and municipal authorities in order to operate again.

True, they have to have a new standard in its management procedures, and tightened security location of drug issues.

The management of 'fabric' has no other option except to tighten security. Luke Laws, the manager, said that one of the effort to tighten the security of their business place, is to multiply the CCTV cameras and security personnel inside and outside the 'fabric'.

London does require specific areas as part of a tourist town, tourists in the world who've been always aware of the 'fabric'. One of the legendary nightclub in the world with 6 million visitors.

And, you also know a lot of the world’s DJs willing to take their time to ‘shake up’ the dance floor.

Source: E Priherdityo – CNN Indonesia, AFP
Image: 'fabric' London Page


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