Cities with the Lowest Cost of Living

The budget for a sightseeing trip can be considered choosing a trip destination

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City with a low cost living often be one consideration in deciding the traveler a vacation trip, maybe you can understand why they chose it.

As written in an article, CNN Indonesia, Wednesday, January 18th, the cheaper the cost of living in the city, of course, the less expenditure required.

Many things are taken into account as a parameter, a quote from The Economist Intelligence Unit, the survey cost of living around the world or WCOL (world cost of living) based on 160 parameters in 133 cities in the world.

They set parameters, of which the prices of food, drinks, clothing, household supplies, personal needs, rent, transportation, and recreation costs.

1. Lusaka

The capital of Zambia as the cheapest cities in the world with WCOL index number 41. While Singapore (as the most expensive city) with performance number 116.

Zambia is a mandatory destination for lovers of wild animals of about nine thousand hectares, home to lions, leopards, giraffes, and a center for the hippos in Africa.

2. Bengaluru

Cities with the index 42 as the largest city and capital of the state of Karnataka, India. As the quote from The Telegraph, in this city the Hindus, Muslims and Christians live side by side with local residents Tamil and Bengali descent.

The urban community can speak English standard capabilities. The city is also very friendly and safe for youth and women.

3. Mumbai

The city is one level higher than Bengaluru with WCOL index number 43. Directions northwest Bengaluru, Mumbai called the experience a period of renaissance in art and architecture based in Kala Ghoda.

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You can enjoy the many colonial era buildings, dozens of art galleries open to the public. In the middle of traffic density, Mumbai still provide a friendly pedestrian.

4. Karachi

Cities with WCOL index value of 45, the largest city in Pakistan, for a vacation. Industrial and banking center in Pakistan and steeped in culture, such as the National Museum of Pakistan and the Academy of Art.

You can choose the winter as an option for a visit, because the summer sun was overpowering.

5. Chennai

Still in India (in southern India), a city with an index equal to Karachi, 45. Metropolitan city of fourth-largest in India.

Offers beautiful beaches, and have a variety of sites for historical tours.

In addition to the five cities above, there are two other cities which included as a cheap city. Cities with index numbers equal to Karachi and Chennai, namely Almaty, Kazakhztan and Algiers, Algeria.

There are other considerations in choosing, even without knowing it, the cost of a trip can be important. Another consideration could be anything, such interest in the uniqueness of a regional tourist destination.

Source: P Tripeni Juniman – CNN Indonesia, The Telegraph, The Economist
Image: L Pandjaitan


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