No More Free Drinks in Las Vegas

Limiting drinks only to visitors who have spent some money in Casinos

Peoples at the Casino, Las Vegas - Image credit W Sjahran

Casino in Las Vegas can draw attention to specific fans who'll spend their money, perhaps, in the various gambling tables scattered in the city of Las Vegas. Even though you can see a group of tourists who stop and take some pictures there.

You can see for yourself the fact that visits to several casinos seem so much of a crowd, mostly of course come with a specific purpose, even just to get a free drink.

Either because it concerns the budget or anything else, cites the article on the site CNN Indonesia, January 24, now a number of casinos in Las Vegas to make new rules, which restrict the provision of drinks.

In fact they are the owners of large casino, has been thinking about the benefits of a particular technology, citing the sites The Los Angeles Times, they will buy machines with technology that can signify a visitor who deserve a free drink.

You can try any allegations such as the workings of the machine, for example, by monitoring the number of visitors who have spent money with a certain amount, and then the visitors will get a coupon issued by the drinks machine.

Engine drinks testers for visitors is currently being tested at MGM and Mirage, but according to recent information, the machine is still difficult to estimate the amount of money that has been spent at the gambling table. You know, the difficulty of the ability of the machine to see how the range of money that must be used, so that then deserve a free drink after play.

A spokesman for MGM through its official statement, said the plan mounting number of machines to ease the waiter.

"This machine will enable the waiter to select visitors who deserve a drink."

Indeed, the initial plan for all casinos are an interesting visit as much as possible, when people come, they even still given a free drink. Who would not love this?

But. The fact that happened, not all visitors come to use the facilities and spend their money in a slot machine.

You need to know, besides the free drinks were gradually eliminated, since June 2016, there's no more free parking facilities that previously applied. Except the Caesars Palace.

Source: E Priherdityo – CNN Indonesia, The Los Angeles Times
Image: W Sjahran


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