Countries with the Most Friendly Residents

The hospitality of the local population can also influence the mood of travelers

Bourke Street, Sydney - Image credit N Rosdiana

The hospitality of the locals can be the one that makes a good impression for most travelers in the world, of course, in addition to location and natural beauty, traditions and culture and culinary.

You can feel the difference when visiting a tourist area, citing KompasTravel sites, today, a country with friendly locals can make travelers 'feel welcome' and visit repeatedly.

Travelers will get a lot of good impression, and enjoy every second that passes when they are in an attraction, a lot of positive talk delivered later on social media sites.

The role of social media in conveying their experiences in a tourist area, including when they conduct interaction with the local residents.

Series of assessments carried out by an agency quoting the website of The Telegraph, Monday, January 9, write their observations, Legatum Institute, gave the title of the country with the most sociable population or in other words as the most friendly people.

They assessed by measuring the gross domestic product (GDP) or a measure for the economic activity of a country. Furthermore, this GDP which ultimately affects 104 pillars of a country, including the political situation, the environment, to the ability of community outreach.

Legatum Institute indicates socialization of society, including the scope of personal relationships, community participation, and support for social networks. You can know the 10 countries with the most friendly people in the world.

1. New Zealand - with a total of 68.95 points (the highest score of 100)
2. Australia - 67.60
3. Canada - 66.23
4. United States - 65.45
5. Iceland - 65.34

6. Norway - 65.06
7. Denmark - 64.49
8. Malta - 63.77
9. Germany - 63.21
10. Ireland - 63.09

While going through the picture as a whole, Indonesia occupies the highest position in Asia with 61.9 points just different points around 1.19 points from Ireland who was in position 10.

However, the most important notes visible that the 10 countries with the most friendly in the world is a developed country with a high GDP rate in the world.

Source: S Agmasari - KompasTravel, The Telegraph
Image: N Rosdiana


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