Oprah Winfrey Diet Secrets Through Cooking Books

Through her book "Food, Health and Happiness: 115 On-Point Recipes for Great Meals and a Better Life"

Oprah in Miami on her "The Life You Want" tour, October 2014 - Image credit Aphrodite-in-nyc

Cooking recipes and diet can be an attraction for many people who may have difficulty in losing their body weight, they certainly hope there are one or two instructions that powerful enough to be realized, the slim body and healthy.

This time Oprah Winfrey formerly known as the host in her own talk show, citing lifestyle site CNN Indonesia, today, and still took the time to write about the food. And, it can be presumed that one day a cook book published as her work.

Oprah Winfrey's cookbook contains all the details of her culinary journey, such as reviews in the Daily Meal, the book also contains about 19 kg of success removes fat from the body.

As then she made the promotion, the book will be launched on Tuesday, next January 10th with an interesting title, maybe a little different from other cooking books, but Winfrey promises there are many recipes in it.

The fans certainly very much hope there are a lot of new recipes or recipes may Oprah-style food, they may also be interested in secret to diet and were able to lose weight.

Another article in USA Today, wrote that the recipes in it has value and 'needs' of its own in the weight loss program, this book is not a book claimed as food diet. Maybe the fans can understand how will the contents of the book, let they follow the style and character of Oprah.

Specifically, they can see the quality of some of the recipes are suitable, or in other words, this book is considered more illustrates the long-term relationship of Winfrey with food.

"Now I finally internalized the rules of clean eating (food with minimal process), I allowed myself to break it."

She quickly added, "I do not routinely do so, and I never do it without thinking."

Years passed along to her meeting with the chéfs through the exchange of ideas, she acknowledged that the recipes in cook book was inspired by her personal chéf and a chéf who worked with her for many years.

Winfrey also unlock the secret recipe of 'unfriend chicken,' lavender shortbread, and the cacio e pepe pasta made with truffle zest. Well, Tuesday awaits the next few days, cookbook published.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Daily Meal, USA Today
Image: Aphrodite-in-nyc via Wikipedia


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