Chunyun, The World's Largest Homecoming Tradition

Chinese peoples will do a mass homecoming in welcoming the Lunar New Year

Chinese incense worship during Lunar New Year - Image credit M Kretyawan

Lunar New Year is getting closer in the next weeks, end of January, so that at moments like these, no wonder you will see a mass movement of the people of China who will return to their homeland.

The world will witness an extraordinary activity, citing the sites detikTravel, Sunday, January 15, homecoming tradition in the world. You'll soon find out!

According to the local government, there will be movement of people estimated to be 2.5 billion road trip exodus known as Chunyun, no less than the total distance of 1.2 billion kilometers or the equivalent of traveling from Earth to Saturn.

Another article on the sites CNN Travel, January 15, writes about Chunyun as the Chinese Spring New Year Festival, or more accurately described as the largest event of human activities over the Earth.

You will see how their long journey to return home, everything is done within seven days of Lunar New Year only, and is expected expenses spent more than USD 100 billion just to eat and shopping.

As an illustration, you may be surprised, because the amount spent nearly double the spending of the US population in current spending Thanksgiving event.

See their journey, they would buy tickets for transportation, the purchase of train tickets will skyrocket online, ie at a rate of more than 1,000 hits per second. Now you understand the excitement that happens in mainland China when Chunyun.

They said, this Chicken Year (according to the Chinese calendar), estimates as many as 2.5 billion trips by road to travel, then as many as 356 million trips by train, 58 million trips by plane, and 43 million trips by sea transportation during the period of 40-days.

You'd better be able to see the activities of this trip in the homecoming period starting on January 13 until February 21 with the total travel 1.2 billion kilometers or 745 million miles.

The Chinese government says there is a growth of 2.2% from last year's trip, and the greatest activity occurred on the east coast of China, when the Chinese people visiting relatives in rural areas inland.

Source: A Masaul Khoiri - detikTravel, CNN Travel
Image: M Kretyawan


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