Bathing While Drinking Beer

People activities today do various things while bathing

Shower Beer - Image credit Snask AB

Types of beer served in a hangout drinking place, you can now enjoy in very specific circumstances, namely while bathing. You'd think if this is a new breakthrough in the current life? Even you can do a lot of other things, singing, reading, watching movies, to wash clothes while doing specific things, drinking beer.

Then it is about anything else, so that it looks so specific and unique? A new type of drink works present with yourself, Shower Beer.

Many of the ideas born from the bustle of everyday life to create a unique campaign, citing an article on the sites CNN Indonesia, today, the beverage company from Sweden, Pangpang Brewery collaborated with creative agency Snask, creating a beer that can be drunk while doing things you need to do in the morning or afternoon day, shower.

There is a reason that made them do it, they know these activities are often carried out by some people. Snask wrote on its website that the bathroom is the perfect place to enjoy a cold beer.

"Unfortunately, the duration of the bath is generally fast, so it's impossible to enjoy a beer in large sizes. That's why we created a beer with a compact size."

No wonder most of these products are packaged in such a way, Shower Beer comes in small bottles that can be said in three gulps. It was also made lighter and fresh than beer in general.

Fredrik Tunedal, founder of PanPang, as reported on the site Oddity Central, said, "Shower Beer had a sweeter flavor but still refreshing to drink while you take a shower before getting ready to go out at night."

You know when a uniquely marketing style progress, a positive response from the fans of beer, in particular can contribute to satisfying curiosity. Special beer for the bathroom was released last month and immediately received a positive response.

Tunedal added, "The first production immediately sold out and a lot of demand for remanufactured."

Creativity should be appreciated, although according to the news, Tunedal and Snask only planning to issue a Shower Beer only once.

They just want to show creativity through Shower Beer.

"We did not expect very enthusiastic consumer response. Based on the number of requests, we will soon release the next production."

And the fans will be waiting.

Source: L Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, Oddity Central, Snask
Image: Snask AB


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