Trump Aircraft Turns Used Airlines from Mexico

The former aircraft belonging to the airline of Mexico, TAESA Lineas Aéreas

Illustration Boeing 757-200 flight deck view - Image credit Bill Abbott

A billionaire private aircraft is something that is natural for them, it also happens to Trump, president of the United States 45th, but then came the news that an irony in the American mainstream media.

It made headlines mainly because of present discourse of Trump to build a wall between the US and Mexico, so the talks evolve everywhere.

Trump's presence has been a lot of talk, since the campaign period up to the time after being elected. And, as it is known today, or precisely on the day that has been set on January 20, Donald Trump will officially become the President of the United States.

Many crowds at the inauguration, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, January 19, including the Women's March event the next day series of events that enliven the inauguration of president-elect Donald Trump.

News earlier in the many activities of Trump uses aircraft for travel, citing the sites Telegraph on Thursday, January 19, it is known that private aircraft that transported so far proved to be a former aircraft belonging to an airline in Mexico, TAESA Lineas Aéreas.

Trump bought the Boeing 757 with the numbered N757AF of one of the founders of Microsoft, Paul Allen, in 2011.

You can guess the name given to the aircraft, 'Trump Force One', the aircraft is going to be the presidential plane was operated by TAESA since July 6, 1994 until March 31, 1995.

Media find out, but it is not known for certain routes had taken, but most flights carried around Mexico.

Of course, although this is a former aircraft of the airline from Mexico, but Trump wanted something special, aircraft interior has been completely renovated, so that it is now worth fantastic plane, approximately US $ 100 million.

Passengers will have the satisfaction when the opportunity to be in it, sitting area with a capacity of 43 gold plated seatbelt, bedroom with sheets and pillows made from silk, as well as a mini cinema with a 57 inches screen.

These aircraft have all contributed to the campaign, although the New York Times reported that the plane license has run out, as well as the obligation for him to pay a fine of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But. 'Trump Force One' remains free to air.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Telegraph
Image: Bill Abbott via Wikipedia


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