World's Most Polluted Travel Destination

The countries visited by many tourists despite the garbage into one disorder

Rats around the trash - Image credit Michael Palmer

Trash as an environmental problem mainly as a result of the dynamics of community activities in urban areas. Garbage has always been a problem for urban or densely populated area, the accumulation of hazardous waste if it is not immediately be transported to a landfill.

Some sources write that trash is not a new problem in urban communities, such as the review of a site KompasTravel, January 1, and they accept it as a result of a variety of community activities and industrial activities.

A similar review article on the site Dailymail, gave a note of the state of popular destinations, but suffered a waste problem as a result of the activity of urban communities.

Their note in the countries in Southeast Asia, can be seen from the activities of garbage collector in shelters trash, every day.

Apart region into sample photographing only a fraction of the size of the area, for example, the photo showing two children in Jakarta were scavenging garbage, and the waters of an outlying island in the Mentawai Island polluted by garbage.

Countries that become domestic exotic travel destination for tourists from around the world, such as India, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Brazil, and even the United States (Hawaii and Los Angeles in the list).

You can navigate and see for themselves what is happening, the Ganges River which became a tourist destination and religion in India, mentioned polluted with industrial waste to animal carcasses.

The record also shows Hawaii's Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge filled plastic bins, nets to catch fish, and waste straps. Even you can be a bit adventurous to Tuvalu, in the Polynesian Islands were also highlighted as a problem waste plastic and styrofoam.

Brazil and Cambodia highlighted for a garbage-strewn slum. Meanwhile, Malaysia is highlighted because the garbage in Sandakan Beach.

A few days ago, an article on this blog also wrote about the pollution in Beijing, capital of China, the city is included in the graph of environmental damage. Tourist from different places like a visit to Beijing, although the city is always shrouded by heavy smoke, as a result of the impact of pollution were outstanding.

You will often see townsfolk wearing a protective mask when out of the house and into the habit of life in this city.

It seems the world can not develop its own tourism, coordination in many ways from the authorities to maintain the continuation of life for humanity and the Earth. And can be at peace with the environment is the main thing.

Source: S Agmasari - KompasTravel, Dailymail
Image: Michael Palmer via Wikipedia


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