Hotel Guests Not Want to See Trump Building

Trump is known as property businessman, so that his building spread over USA

Pennsylvania Ave - Old Post Office to the Capitol at Night - Image Credit Wyn Van Devanter

President-elect Donald Trump on January 20th officially sworn in as President of the United States, and when the weather is nice, then the event will run smoothly. The presence of various important figures in American as well as representatives of various countries.

Everyone knows who Donald Trump, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, January 19, the new president in the United States before a property businessman who has the luxury buildings by his company's work in a number of areas in the United States.

But there is always a lag of controversy for some people, people who annoyed with Trump's behavior, and even spread to the tourists, so often the unexpected event occurs by the hotel.

Have been submitted when the guests whose building is located around the property belongs to Trump, the events that had never happened before, citing the site Travel and Leisure as well as NBC News on Thursday, January 19, many hotel guests who requested that their windows are not dealing with buildings belonging to Trump.

In retrospect it is less rational, but everyone has their own discretion. Who knows what is in the mind of each, everyone can believe as they wish each.

In fact, according to a quote on the site, the number of guests who request it called increased since Trump started a campaign until win the election.

A story of an employee of Hotel Club Quarters in Chicago might explain it.

"We often get special requests like that."

Might be a bit drawn, in the United States, there are 24 property owned by Trump scattered in all directions, even as many as 11 of them were in New York. You can even see the building in other countries, property owned by Trump scattered in Istanbul, Panama, Seoul, Toronto, Manila, Mumbai, Uruguay and Vancouver.

Overall, according to Forbes, Trump has 33 properties scattered around the world with a total value of approximately US $ 562 million.

No wonder it seems many townspeople or perhaps part of the population who feel besieged by the buildings belonging to Trump, in specific terms, of course.

Well, for potential hotel guests and want to avoid the 'sights', the reservation should be done from now on.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure, NBC News
Image: Wyn Van Devanter via Wikipedia


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