Clouds at Heathrow, 100 Aircraft Delays Landing

Fog caused by pollution that makes delay landing on Tuesday, January 24

Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5 - Image credit Citizen59

Thick fog in the UK in commemoration of ‘black alert’ scales to make the airport authorities issued a ban for aircraft landing at Heathrow Airport and other airports in the vicinity this Tuesday.

The disappointment of thousands of passengers in the plane, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, including the passengers who were waiting for their scheduled departure on Tuesday, January 24th it.

"It's so annoying!" said a passenger and smoothed the newspaper he was reading at the time.

Passengers indeed experienced disappointment, travelers are advised to check the status of their flights before going to the airport, after the cancellation notice the approaching aircraft, thousands of people walking around in confusion.

Some passengers were still searching for other information, citing the sites AFP, the weather conditions around the airport did not support. They surrendered to a very bad situation, weather forecast service, the Met Office, said visibility at Heathrow only reaches approximately 100 meters, the authorities have released this warning since Monday, the day before.

Who would have thought, as many as 1,300 flight schedule chaotic, but Heathrow is the busiest airport, which also serve the connection between European countries.

An airport spokesman told about this matter, "Misty clouds reduce visibility to Heathrow today."

Air pollution is already disturbing the major cities of the world, like ever written on this blog site, so with thick clouds of mist in the UK, the airport authorities explained that the foggy clouds caused by air pollution that occurred in the UK.

Dangerous condition was stated to drive because the roads are slippery after the decline in air temperature.

Says a researcher from the University of King's College said, winter makes a lot of wood-burning activity to warm shelter residents, and the situation is getting worse by the contribution of the presence of motor vehicles, air pollution makes the condition worse.

Under these conditions, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said that all citizens should be prepared to deal with this condition by maintaining the health of the body, in order to avoid the harmful effects of air pollution.

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia,, AFP
Image: Citizen59 via Wikipedia


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