'Cheap' Travel Cruise in Russia

Travel package program that will bring tourists to explore every corner of Russia

Moscow - Image credit R Worang

Travel to Russia could be one choice of travelers from various countries, because this time has been present great offers from the Russian government to travel by cruise ship.

It is reviewed in an article on the sites CNN Indonesia, January 23, Visit Russia is a program of the Russian government in order to promote the tourism industry in Russia, invites tourists to recognize every corner of their country.

I think this is very interesting together a travel package using a cruise ship that will take tourists around to seven cities, from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

This program can pamper tourists, said Ta Bich Ha, representative Visit Russia, because tourists will be invited to enjoy historical tours up culinary tours for eight to 14 days.

One advantage of the travel package cruise ship is traveling at low prices for tourists, especially those from foreign countries.

As presented by Ta Bich Ha at the Russian Embassy in Jakarta, Friday, January 20, "You do not have to change hotels every visit a different town. Destinations obtained travel too much. It costs can be known directly through the site Visit Russia."

Let's look at the routes that pass in their journey, the tourists, along the Volga River, the choice of the city that can be visited include Moscow, Uglich, Kazan, Rostov-on-don, Kizhi, Mandrogi and St Petersburg. Even tourists can propose a new route service, or any other city they want.

Ta Bich Ha added, "Just tell me where and we will help arrange these."

Interesting tour programs for tourists, to enjoy the beauty of the historic cities of Russia, tourists can also eat the dish a culinary tour with a typical Russian. At moments like this the tourists can recognize typical food, like Borsh, typical Russian beet soup, and red cabbage.

No need to worry visit Russia, full of surprises when the tourists meet with local residents who have difficulty speaking English, so it is advisable to learn the basics of the Russian language. It would have been interesting, said Ta Bich Ha.

"There are some small town whose inhabitants can not speak fluent English. So I think travelers would be little difficulty traveling alone, especially without mastering the Russian language as a basis."

Source: A Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Visit Russia
Image: R Worang


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