Beer from American Women 'Anti' Trump

Six women from Colorado joined the brewer Golspot Brewing

Beer Feast, illustration - Image credit R Gurning

Refusal to Trump apparently has not stopped, despite the announcement of victory has been submitted formally by the electoral institutions in the United States. But it did not seem to dampen the noise rejection to Trump.

Citing the sites CNN Indonesia, January 7, there is a group of women who did not stop voicing their rejection by making beer.

They, six woman from Colorado, United States, as reported by Westword sites, joined the Goldspot Brewing Company, the beer maker and created a new beer called "Makin Noise: A Pussy Riot Beer".

They say the name comes from a popular Russian punk band, Pussy Riot.

It will feel different, because this herb beer is a beverage derived from the fermentation of strawberries, and will be released ahead of the Inauguration on January 20 as the beer 'anti-Trump'.

Kelissa Hieber, owner of Goldspot Brewing, and Bess Dougherty, one of the brewers of the women's group seems serious enough when they release a new product, you will get some beer flavor variations.

They argued that the selection of flavors was quite simply, is the stigma that still exists among women with a fruit beer.

Dougherty is very enthusiastic, "It looks like a fine beer, but it will make you surprised when already drinking it."

True, there are strawberry flavor, but they expressed a red beer will have a higher alcohol content than beer in general, in the amount of eight to nine percent ABV (alcohol by volume).

Apart product unique beer like this, they, the six women feel that they need to take action in order to combat hate and intolerance.

I think they have a reason, there is always the background of each can occur. Many women in the United States was offended by the Trump remarks during the campaign were deemed too obscene to be pronounced a US presidential candidate, including harassment controversy and the recognition of a number of women.

For Dougherty and her colleagues, they act and speak without interruption, this fermented drink as a symbol of protest against Trump according to their expertise, namely brewers.

"Beer is working against hate and oppression. It also provides support and solidarity for the struggle for equality. We believe in this wonderful community that we need to work together for that."

Source: E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Westword
Image: R Gurning - Germany


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