Lunch and Pay with Exercise

Maybe you can have lunch without paying

Tea Time in the Clubs, illustration - Image credit R Rumambi

Good food in the restaurant can be a destination by the connoisseur of food, although in some cases you can avoid the food in a restaurant or café when the price is quite expensive. Do not worry there is always a way out for a good meal, without paying.

True! There is always the right way to have a good meal and people may be interested in the offer.

While for some people, say, who are on a diet, it is usually recommended to consume normal portions when eating lunch. But the calories that go into the body should remain intact portion.

When it comes to good food, most people often forget things, even for dieters, but when a health institution offering it. You can consider it.

An article writing interesting things about this, fitness provider in Europe, David Lloyd Clubs allow you to eat good food in the restaurant just by 'body.' Terrific, isn’t it?

Interesting idea deserves full attention. They made the first café in the world that let you pay for food with exercise.

Quoting The Daily Meal in an interview with Elaine Denton, health and fitness experts at David Lloyd Clubs, they want the workers to realize the importance of the actively body at work, and in doing other things.

"But today's lifestyles have become sedentary. We want people to come back to realize that food nutritious, balanced diet, and exercise the right frequency will help a healthy lifestyle."

How do they build an environment where people got interested in this offer? When customers come to this sport café, they can choose a free lunch as they wishes after they run six minutes exercise.

Of course, the whole activity of the customer will get the supervision by the café sports coach.

Well, when you're there, you're going to follow the micro sports activity that involve the HITT (high intensity interval training), including in this case is the use of a rowing machine for one minute, spin, and treadmill.

Wait, then you can follow a series of other activities, sit-ups for 60 seconds, the lunges exercise with 30-second rest between exercises. I thought it was quite tiring.

But. The rewards you earn sufficient thereafter. “Yummy” food is already waiting. Fair enough.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti – CNN Indonesia, The Daily Meal
Image: R Rumambi


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