Solo Traveling, Traveling Trends 2017

This year is expected to be many travelers who walk alone

Street shops of Vienna, Austria - Image credit W Sjahran

Traveling alone seemed pleasant, so the mind of many people, the travelers, even for young people age they see it as a challenge. The traveling solo, in a new look when traveling alone visited another country or even continent.

Many positive things that can be obtained, traveling solo can enrich their experience. Even the way opens the possibility to meet other people, local residents, or other tourists who were in the same place.

They also acknowledge that the trip was a sensation when entering remote areas, because it brings a lot of surprises and pleasant experience.

As reviewed by KompasTravel sites, today, according to a survey on the site Book Yoga Retreats on 300 travelers in 2016, seeing a trend toward travel alone.

More than half, 51 percent said they would choose to go alone when the next holiday period. Of course this may affect the travel agency services, since most travelers would set up their own journey when traveling solo.

Overview of the survey results can show trends this year for world tourism.

1. Nationality for solo traveling

Germany - 80 percent
English - 69 percent
Canada - 67 per cent

2. Travel agency services

Travelers who use a travel agent - 6.25 per cent (only)

3. What to look for the traveler

New destinations - 29 percent
Want to get a new skill - 32.9 percent
Try the local life and mingle with the culture - more than 50 percent
Visiting relatives and friends - 10 percent
Want to try out the exciting nightlife - 4 percent

4. The use of social media, especially Instagram, or others

Using social media - 80 percent
Routine checking Instagram (or others) every day - 25 percent

5. Freedom from office work matters, although active in social media

Not bothered by the business office - 75 percent

Surveys can describe the tendency of the tourists in their activities in the year 2017 and onward travel alone will be more crowded and became the face of this year.

Source: S Agmasari - KompasTravel, Lonely Planet
Image: W Sjahran - Braunschweig


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