Airlines from the Middle East Equipped with Free Internet Access

Etihad provides wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi) and tablets

Airport of Doha, Hamad International Airport, Qatar - Image credit T El Rosda

Prohibition carry electronic goods into the cabin set by the United States government has recently seemed to make trouble many airlines, particularly the airport of departure from the Middle East and Africa.

This regulation on the one hand troublesome indeed the airlines, and now followed by the Britain, the policy adopted by the US government applied for airline passengers boarding or through 10 airports in the Middle East and North Africa.

The airports included in the policy, namely Casablanca, Riyadh, Istanbul, Amman, Dubai, Jeddah, Cairo, Doha, Kuwait, and Abu Dhabi.

They have to deploy new ideas and find solutions for the convenience of passengers, in order to keep customers comfortable while on the go.

As noted in recent reports, quoting the site CNN Indonesia, today, the Etihad airlines, which finally decided to provide wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi) and a tablet that can be used while in flight.

The solution is considered to pacify most of the passengers, say businessmen, tourists and even the parents who have children with special needs.

Good move from the airline, and it can be said that the relatively luxurious facilities, can only be enjoyed by passengers who hold tickets for the main class and business class.

Indeed, this new service can be enjoyed by the passengers since Monday, April 3, according to the site Skift on Thursday, today, is a free service that is expected to be able to give comfort to the passengers.

"We will provide this service free of charge for premium class passengers. Electrical sockets and USB are also available on each bench."

They carry out this policy as part of a strategy to keep customers remain loyal to the airline, according to official explanation of the Etihad.

Passengers of various airlines to the US become confused and a little worried, if it should abandon its electronic goods in the aircraft baggage. Moreover, some long-haul flights connecting airports connecting many Asian and European countries, such as the airports of Istanbul, Dubai, Doha, and Abu Dhabi.

The airline did not want to get stuck in a situation like this, they are looking for solutions, in addition to Etihad, similar steps taken by Turkish Airlines, which provides service and a Wi-Fi tablet for their premium class passengers.

That will make it comfortable. Certainly.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Skift
Image: T El Rosda


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