'Dirt' Beer of Waste Water Toilet

A brewery company, Stone Brewing Co. creating a more 'wild' beer and strange

Beer party - Image credit R Gurning

The beer made from the urine, perhaps you've heard it once, sometime in a day when you read the news, really. That might happen if the energizer culinary continue to be creative with their new ideas.

The creators of beer with their creativity, citing the site CNN Indonesia, March 21, did not want to just stop, you know when the basic ingredients of beer are always talking about the usual mineral water everyday.

Now there are always new creations, they use a variety of other types of water that is not commonly used, and you will be pleasantly surprised with their ideas, but the water is not uncommon drunk.

Fermented beverages, and to imagine a past when many makers to create, step by step brewing process, then felt a surge of foaming yellowish liquid that tantalizing taste.

A brewery company, Stone Brewing Co. creating a more 'wild' beer and you would not expect it, they use the toilet waste water to make beer.

Steve Gonzalez, senior manager of Stone Brewing to San Diego KGTV, recognizing how their way through the stages of the manufacturing process, such as quotations of Thrillst site.

"Among the pale created, this may be included in the top three rankings."

Now you can imagine with their creations, the existing water in the toilet is processed first so claimed safe to use, as they believe, this brewery is part of a water recycling program "Pure Water San Diego."

And need not feel surprise, because according to them, this is a program of initiatives to help the sustainability of water supply in San Diego in 2035.

As the quote from the site, people mention this toilet beer program as a toilet to tap.

Gonzalez looked confident with their company work, as it gives comfort to the audience of beer, that people who drink beer this 'dirt' will get a taste of caramel and tropical fruit flavors.

Regardless there are doubts in the beginning, but these doubts made them really can not enjoy the beer.

"Because everything was gone within 20 minutes."

It is recognized by Shane Trussell, one of beer taster of this dirt beer, it has a different flavor.

At first she felt strange and uncomfortable.

"But, on the contrary, it feels amazing."

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Thrillst
Image: R Gurning


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