Eating Oranges Under the Shower Back to Trends

As part of a lifestyle that hit some residents of the big cities

Oranges fruit - Image credit Evan-Amos

Sweet oranges fruit varieties is that it's not too sweet, but also do not feel sour, or tasted sour and bitter. People even prefer that to give a sweet taste like sugar.

It is also possible for most people, that eating grapefruit considered a healthy activity and if necessary in a variety of everyday activities. It is a life choice, of course!

Indeed, citing the article on the site CNN Indonesia, March 14, a new trend that is back-loved, although open as challenges in cyberspace, but some people in the big cities have a tendency to enjoy orange under water shower.

They say the sensation of eating oranges in the shower is a form of therapy that liberate ourselves, why?

The idea came to train someone when instincts are free to peel an orange without fear of falling apart and eat them as desired.

Certainly the role of social media influence, so those curious to try, after some people tried it and share their experiences with video recording action without clothes in the shower while biting orange peel.

Things like this by the site Foodbeast, never appeared in fact in the past year, they wrote that the Reddit user named Photon_bandit say, a mentor at youth camp in Italy had told him about freedom of the world.

"Do you want to know the most liberating worldly and other things that can be used as more experience?"

He thinks this is certainly part of a challenge, it relates to the extreme, but the fact is happening mentor just asked him to take a shower while eating oranges.

This is what happens, a person can peel orange peel and throw it into the bathtub or let it fall away, can also bite orange, then combined with the shower water into the mouth.

Testing the Shower Oranges Craze - Image credit YouTube

Another way that can happen, one can also squeeze the oranges and let the water juice touching the face, it can also brush your body with a oranges fruit that remains.

The impression gained from those who've tried there vary.

Skrami, one of them. "In the first experiment, I found it very helpful and pleasant."

"A life changing experience," said Haydo1239, who have done so up to six oranges, including some of the more popular video footage on YouTube titled "Good Mythical Morning".

However, any hopes they want, eat grapefruit activity is always fun.

Source: G Safira Taylor - CNN Indonesia, Foodbeast
Image: Evan-Amos via Wikipedia, YouTube "Good Mythical Morning"


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