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Prohibition of entering the US for electronic equipment in the aircraft cabin

Tablet and Keyboard Dock - Image credit Dinominant

Electronic tool and gadget for the United States has a lot of variety, and you might have to take it there, but there are new rules banning the presence of an electronic device on a flight from airports in the Middle East and Africa to the United States.

As we know that airports in the Middle East, such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul and Qatar, is a haven of international flights before heading to the US.

You've already guessed who would have objections to this policy, they are the businesses of the tourism industry, such as excerpts from the site Buzzfeed on Wednesday, March 23, the US Tourism Association (USTA) asked the government to lift the ban or a ban "that does not detract passenger comfort during the flight."

It made headlines in the mainstream media about this ban, as written on the CNN website, specifically the parents who have children with special needs, especially those of children with autism.

Would need clear explanation why this is necessary, say tablets or laptops make children stay calm in their seat during the flight.

Misgivings of most of the passengers, the rules that went into effect on Tuesday, March 21, prohibit passengers carrying electronic devices that are bigger than a mobile phone to enter the aircraft cabin.

More clearly in the other reviews on the site CNN Indonesia, March 22, for those who want to bring electronic devices, then they are required to put it into storage bagagge. And it is conceivable inconvenience for passengers who often undergo this service flights heading to the United States.

This rule would make the other parties need time to adjust the situation, say such as that delivered by the World Travel Business Association (GBTA), they specifically convey the difficulties faced by the businessmen who frequently travel by plane.

"They often bring electronic device into the aircraft cabin, this rule will reduce their productivity while in flight."

So it goes, the business environment makes them always want to keep their own electronic instruments, one of which is certainly a very confidential business information.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Buzzfeed
Image: Asus Transformer Pad TF701T Tablet and Keyboard Dock by Dinominant via Wikipedia


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