Brexit Positive Impact to Shopping Travelers

Something different while visiting England in the summer of this year

Peoples at Westmeinster, London - Image credit P Djayasupena

The positive impact of Brexit the spending trends of the tourists visiting the UK, of course it is associated with the weakening of the exchange rate of its currency, the pound, the US dollar so that the cost of travel is estimated to be more affordable.

Happen so quickly when changes have to be in sight, citing the site CNN Indonesia, today, although Europe is still one of the favorite destinations of foreign tourists to enjoy a summer holiday.

You know the appeal of Europe, the country's diverse characteristics, have the sensation of different tours, ranging from the romantic theme in France until paced culture in the UK.

Even you know of other countries on the continent of Europe with its own uniqueness, especially in eastern Europe region, for example.

Specifically impact of Brexit in June 2016, for example, gave different direction of Europe continent tourism, something which is certainly weakening the exchange rate of its currency, the pound.

Benjamin LeRuth, an observer from the University of Kent say about this, as reported by the Travel and Leisure on Monday, March 6.

"For tourists who love shopping trips, visiting England could be an option, because the currency is the British pound tumbled after Brexit issue."

True, perhaps after the decision of the Britons, Brexit it makes shopping in mainland Britain looks interesting. Say, the tourists can satisfy their shopping desires while in London, for example, the popular area such as Oxford Street, Regent Street, Bond Street, Carnaby Street, Covent Garden, King's Road and Camden.

Even the region began to be known by tourists, citing the Daily Mail, the shopping area at Bicester Village, became the talk of interest solely festive atmosphere with rows of shops selling cheaper price than the one in Bond Street, but not too full tightness and offer discounts up to 70 percent.

An opportunity not to be missed by the tourism agency in Britain, Visit London, said that the time is right for a shopping tour in December and January, and it's true, because the appeal of rebates to welcome the Christmas and New Year.

Brexit turned out to be a positive side to the British tourism, and then, LeRuth added.

"There will be no changes to the rules permit the visit, tourists need not worry for a visit to Britain this year."

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure, Daily Mail
Image: P Djayasupena


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