First Lady Wine for Melania Trump

Four people from the Slovenian wine makers make wine inspired by the US First Lady Melania

The Wine, illustration - Image credit Mick Stephenson

Favorite type of wine that had been presented to the audience of these types of drinks, you can find the types that you might not expect, such as coffee wine or other types in various kinds of latest concoction of beverage makers.

Apparently since Donald Trump was elected as the President of the United States on January 20, citing the site CNN Indonesia, March 16, has made a lot of inspiration for the creators of food and beverages in the world.

This time the lucky ones and cultivate their ideas, four bright become a reality, they are the creator of drinks from Slovenia, which is inspired by Melania Trump. As we all know she is a woman born in Slovenia and make the world's eyes directed to the country.

Four citizens of Slovenia makes red wine in the area near the hometown of Melania Trump, Sevnica.

It was not long when you can guess, they gave the name of the new potions types of wine, "First Lady". Something that might be considered different, because different types of wine from Blaufränkisch which is the original wine of the eastern region of Slovenia.

When it was first sold in Sevnica Castle, a popular tourist locations in the city, citing the sites Fox News, that the overwhelming response from the community of wine lovers. In fact, according to the wine magazine Decanter, in three days, the first 300 bottles have been sold out.

You know when more then 2000 bottles of wine is now sold in the castle souvenir shop, and sold at the official travel agency of the city.

Society does feel different, when they not only acquire wine alone, a series of collections of the First Lady also consists of salami made from pork bred specifically, chocolate, and cream beauty.

This was said by Rok Petancic, administrators of Sevnica Castle, they have a good wine, the best salami, and other products both from this area.

"I think this is one of the best ways to be able to promote the local wine makers, local tours, and variants of Blaufränkisch. It is very important to us if you want to be the center of the availability of Blaufränkisch."

These products have been introduced to the public at large, but it is not a guarantee that the product is automatically approved by the Trump family to use the name.

Despite this, the situation will be 'busy', if later discovered there were reports that Melania Trump has hired a law firm in Slovenia to stop local producers using the name.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Fox News
Image: Mick Stephenson via Wikipedia


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