Gordon Ramsay Willing Hungry, Not Eating in Airplane

Famous chéfs who consider the food on the plane does not correspond to the expected taste

Gordon Ramsay in MasterChef Junior - Image credit Gordon Ramsay Pages

Enjoy fine dining menu in the plane by passengers is one of the most important moments, especially in a long-distance trip, why? You immediately know this as part of a flurry kill time by choosing foods and beverages.

Even you have ever experienced, as the quote from the site CNN Indonesia, today, when I have to fly in the morning, the first plane, or coincide with the lunch hour to make passengers should enjoy a meal provided by the airline.

But you also often see there are always passengers who seem to ignore the food menu is provided by the airline.

This time you will know, quote the site Travel and Leisure, winner of Michelin-star cooking show, Gordon Ramsay is personally not in line with the food provided by the airline.

He does have a lot of world class culinary reputation in the world, in an interview at the site Refinery 29, Ramsay admits his dislike of the food which is served on the plane.

He may say so, perhaps! It may be very personal, purely displeasure because he had worked for years in one of the airline.

"I've worked for 10 years on the air, so I know how the food was made and disposed of, and how long the food is stored before it is served."

The reason that it conveys is seen at odds with most of the passengers, especially tourists who frequently travel by plane to various tourist sites of the world.

However, his opinion has the support of a well-known food presenter, Anthony Bourdain in 2016 and once said, that recognizes if he did not like the food served in the airplane.

Bourdain is a famous food enthusiasts, but not for food in flight, he never enjoyed and ate food in the air, although often travels by airplane.

"Nothing feels better after eating food on the plane. I think people just eat because they are bored. However, I prefer to starve and not eat on the plane."

Well, that's it!

For most passengers, especially on long-haul flights, awaited this moment. So, enjoy it, because in time they will become unpalatable.

Source: G Safira Taylor - CNN Indonesia, Refinery 29
Image: Gordon Ramsay Pages


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