Discounts and Fuel Subsidy to Travelers in Turkey

A new way of attracting tourists from various countries

Swans of Pamukkale, Turkey - Image credit W Sjahran

Travel to Turkey had declined sharply after the terrorist acts that rocked Turkey for some time later, all parties were surprised and did not expect. Some travel agents delay before the situation becomes better.

The Turkish government through the Ministry of Tourism Turks call the security issues, citing the site CNN Indonesia, March 14th, reducing the number of foreign tourist arrivals and foreign exchange up to 30 percent.

This country is trying to bounce back, they did some promotional measures, including following the world's largest tourism exhibition, ITB Berlin, in Germany.

Nabi Avci, Minister of Tourism and Culture of Turkey in an interview with Reuters said that through the exhibition, they are optimistic.

"(From the exhibition) we see a positive signal. It gives us hope."

The fact that can be seen throughout the year 2016, foreign tourist arrivals to Turkey, fell to 25.4 million people, the lowest over the last nine years. As outlined in the beginning, the bombings and the coup, which makes the tourists failed to come.

They, especially Avci remain confident, Germany is one of the largest contributors of foreign tourists to Turkey, which is about 15 percent. Sure hope there is still room for improvement, though there is the issue of security and political tension between Turkey and Germany, some time ago.

Turkish traveler knows Germany plays an important role for tourism in Turkey, they soften and woo German tourists to come back to visit.

Similar support from Mevlut Cavusoglu, the Turkish Foreign Minister also attended the ITB Berlin.

"Do not be afraid to come to Turkey. The level of security in Turkey together with the Germans."

They seem serious to attract tourists, is now without doubt offers another decoy, including discounted rates for the hotel. You will not believe, any discounts offered up to 50 percent.

Turkey was never a doubt in developing tourism in their country, for being a major source of foreign exchange for Turkey, and accounted for more than US $ 30 billion in the Turkish economy per year.

You know, this country play properly and seriously, even giving a subsidy of fuel oil, as well as lend the hotelier.

As stated by Avci, the Turkish government gave a subsidy of US $ 6,000 for each flight with 200 passengers. Busyness immediately increased in 14 (originally 5) airports in Turkey who accept the presence of tourists.

Source: Lesthia Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, Reuters
Image: W Sjahran


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