Japan Simplifies Become The Permanent Residents

The new regulations that facilitate foreign nationals with specific skills to be a citizen of Japan

Ginza, Tokyo - Image credit M Paath Djojonegoro

Be a citizen of Japan now is not a dream for some people who want to become citizens of the new country is chosen, it can now be more easily realized. Something that might be difficult in the past, but the end of March, the Ministry of Justice of Japan will create new rules that make it easier to the foreigners with high skills to apply to be a citizen of Japan.

Be a citizen of a country, and especially when it has been planned for a long time, citing the site CNN Indonesia, today, may move to Japan could be an option.

You will be amazed with the decision, citing the site Travel and Leisure on Thursday, March 9, due to the direct decision of the Ministry of Justice of Japan.

Certainly there are reasons why this decision was taken, according to the Business Insider, the new rules are made to encourage more foreign investment coming to Japan, after the Japanese government to consider this for a long time.

Interesting to learn about the new regulations, foreign nationals who have settled for a year be allowed to apply, from here it appears there to facilitate the process.

Previously, foreigners could only apply after living for more than a decade in Japan.

As an illustration can refer to the year 2012, the Ministry of Justice of Japan could create a new rule, which allows foreigners to apply after living for more than five years.

Although in practice, foreigners who apply for this year will still remain selected strictly.

Should see how these rules are applied, a priority for the students who are attending school, doing research or workers employed in high-skilled fields, such as finance, technology, or engineering.

Then they will check the background of the applicant's education and employment, including the salary and the membership certificate, until the Japanese language ability.

Many things can be seen, because there is always interested in serious, people who are very love of Japanese culture. Perhaps in addition to sightseeing, there is also a good idea to look for opportunities to college or to work in the industry in question.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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