Working while Travelling in New Zealand

Offers to work in the tech industry company with specific expertise

Waydown to Queenstown - Image credit D Veryano

Travel while getting a challenging job for anyone with specific expertise, a country that may have been somewhat overlooked in the world map, but very famous in many ways, so you'll find it curious.

This country even been the talk of many people when it becomes a spectacular filmmaking, "Lord of the Rings" with a variety of exceptional shooting, and spots that invite admiration.

Now the country, New Zealand, citing the site CNN Indonesia, February 28, while its employment, particularly from the technology industry in New Zealand, for those who want to work there through the site LookSee Wellington before March 20, 2017, and interviews of applicants will begin on May 8, 2017.

Certainly interesting, because the jobs it offers all the transportation and accommodation prospective workers will be borne by the company, according to excerpts from the site Travel and Leisure on Tuesday, February 28, which specifically vacancies are open to expertise in the field of software development, creative, marketing, analysis and digital strategy.

Those who are interested, and then be accepted will get a lot of experience in this country, working as they traveled the country to recognize the ins and outs of the Kings in the "Lord of the Rings."

The successful applicants screened to 100 people, and interviewed live in Wellington, applicants will be invited to visit a number of technology companies and also the attractions there.

Of course they will get votes, after the interview was conducted, the technology company will choose applicants who were employed in their companies.

The Lakeview - Image credit D Veryano

I think it will be an experience that can not be forgotten, to work in New Zealand will be an incredible life experience. And that might also interesting is the income that can be achieved, and the year before taxes, the average income of workers there is US$ 45,800.

In other words they are, worked, traveled, well-being and health guaranteed, supported by the reliable medical services and completely free as well as the condition of unspoiled nature there.

Working, and traveling, this is an interesting idea.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: D Veryano


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