Cocktail not Complete without a Small Umbrella

Cocktail glass with a sensation of tropical fruits fresh can make you tempted

Cocktails with umbrellas - Image credit Alpha du centaure

Summer drinks and a glass of cocktail always synonymous with freshness sensation of tropical fruits that make you tempted, and will not be complete if there are no small umbrellas adorn the cocktail glass.

When you enjoy a cocktail, citing the site CNN Indonesia, March 15, feel the atmosphere of summer, colorful daylight decorate your days. Tempting, isn't it?

But when you look around you, this kind of drink is not complete without the presence of a small umbrella on the sides, and you know when it becomes an icon of umbrella beach and tiki bar.

Question comes to you, this umbrella not only to beautify the drinks, but excerpts from the site Travel and Leisure, paper umbrellas in this cocktail has a secret message.

Do you want to know a secret message found after pulling the top of the umbrella and take a small paper at the end of the dowel or stick. They believe if there's a chance you'll find a piece of old news since many years ago. So cute!

Manufacturers are intentions to bring a small umbrella in a cocktail glass, they must attract consumers as much as possible with the lowest possible manner.

This is a creative way to use a variety of materials, and this is one of them, using a Chinese newspaper which rolled into one.

According to a story that has passed a time, a small cocktail umbrella was created in 1932. It was first used by Harry Yee, a bartender of Hilton Waikiki, and got his first cocktail glass umbrella is tapa punch in 1959.

You're more understanding then, when the umbrella is not used, he uses orchids as garnish on drink.

All right, you want a more serious and scientific? Peter Vollhardt, a professor from the University of California-Berkeley, citing the Bon Appetit's site, says that there are scientific explanations related to the function of an umbrella.

"When the ice began to melt, the temperature will rise above 0 degrees Celsius and the evaporation of alcohol will increase."

While opinions vary from Daniel Weix, a professor of organic chemistry says the evaporation of alcohol will not happen too quickly in direct sunlight than in the dark, if the air temperature is the same.

"In my opinion, the alcohol content in the drink actually is not too dangerous if without an umbrella."

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure, Bon Appetit
Image: Alpha du centaure via Wikipedia


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