Parking Region Worth USD 300,000 in Brooklyn

Brooklyn neighborhood that continues to develop into a urban lifestyle

Seventh Avenue at 1st Street Park Slope - Image credit Jared Kofsky/

Parking in the urban district did make a crowded area being looked neater, considering an error in managing the parking system can destroy the livelihood of the people of the city. Although seemingly simple and easily impressed parking problems should be managed professionally.

Parking becomes crucial in urban traffic and parking provision will allow communities to bring the car in their daily activities.

Especially in urban areas is growing, citing the site CNN Indonesia, March 10, this occurs in the development of the borough of Brooklyn, New York.

The area was once known as a seedy area at the tip of Manhattan has now developed into the present area, because of the many young people who choose to live and do business there.

For example in the area of ​​Park Slope, Brooklyn, an expanded so much, you will see many shops selling local products, from stationery to food and culinary, in line with that buyer will come, and they certainly need parking facilities.

Crowds around the area, having trouble finding a parking space has become a norm in a busy city, so many people began to think about the development of a parking building.

A parking garage worth for USD 300,000, named Condo Parking Garage located at 845 Union Street Street. Previously, as known parking deck is ever offered for USD 80,000 in 2013.

You can see the seven-storey high building which was built in 1923, citing the site Travel and Leisure on Thursday, March 9, the buildings are quite expensive, but they sure anyone who buys the parking building, will reap the most benefit from the rental price per car.

Despite having become a building managed by the new owner, it needs tidiness management, consideration is needed is a monthly maintenance fee along with a tax of $ 300 per month.

However the parking building like this will be needed, the region that move dynamically, as well as strategic location, and is close to office buildings and shops were crowded with visitors.

Brooklyn continues to grow and has turned into an area which is too expensive, just like New York.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: Jared Kofsky via Wikipedia


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