What Stewardess Do When Passenger Dies

Various situations may occur in the aircraft cabin, even the most extreme circumstances

Passengers getting into the departure gate - Image credit M Kretyawan

Passengers suddenly ill and died is a hideous conditions anyone while in the flight, you even want to avoid it as much as possible. In other words, do not want when it does happen, it makes you scared!

Air passengers continues to grow each year, the use of air travel is considered the most enjoyable and effective, citing the site CNN Indonesia, 3 billion people do flights annually.

It is true that the specific case when there is a passenger died in air travel is low, but still there was the case.

Here, interestingly how each airline implemented their policies, according to the site Travel and Leisure, March 6, each airline has different rules in terms of addressing the case of death of the passenger, as applied based on cause of death of the passenger.

But. Please note, until now, no standard rules apply to all airlines.

Ross Feinstein, spokesman for American Airlines said, "We have a procedure for dealing with sick passengers on the flight."

Then added, "And the only medical practitioner who could express condition passenger's death."

And in flying there is not always a doctor or a person with a medical license, the airline will contact the hospital after landing at the airport.

"Our Flight attendants are trained to handle passengers who are ill. Still, we will contact the hospital after landing."

The same thing from the airline JetBlue and Southwest Airlines, as said by Cindy Hermosillo, a spokesman for Southwest.

"That will be done by a flight attendant is looking for passengers with medical license or contact the hospital to handle passengers who are ill."

Flight attendants will check the status of the vital organs of passengers, but they are not allowed to declare the death of the passenger conditions. The corpse will be placed into an empty bench, fitted with seatbelts, and covered with a blanket.

In the event that there are no empty seats, the bodies will be treated as such in the stool.

Various ways been done by some airlines, such as Singapore Airlines were placed in separate rooms (even though the room is now eliminated), and British Airways put the corpse in the bathroom, although not a wise move.

"Putting the corpse in the bathroom is not a wise move. It measures less respect," said their spokesman.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: M Kretyawan


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