New York Once More Chocolate ‘Torres’ Museum

It turned out that the public response to the chocolate-based museum is very good

SOHO Hudson Street Chocolate Museum, New York – Image credit Mr, Chocolate

Chocolate culinary appears to have a lot of variety, making fans feel the world around them is the world of chocolate, and wherever they go, then there is the chocolate everywhere.

It is a dream they had, and may be justified, for it is in their minds.

This time something that smells of chocolate is the presence of a Chocolate Museum in New York, citing the site CNN Indonesia, March 1, and invited the positive attention of the public at large, visible presence enliven visitors to see what the culinary flavorful chocolate.

The idea comes from an expert chocolate makers from France, Jacques "Mr. Chocolate" Torres, and with these efforts manifest in such a Chocolate Museum in the town nicknamed "Big Apple" to be located at number 350 Hudson Street, New York.

And what is done by Torres with the idea of building a museum of chocolate increased the ranks of the chocolate museum that scattered around the world, say in Europe, for example, many countries in the continent that has the chocolate museum.

Referring to the other chocolate museum in Europe, Germany, there is a chocolate museum with futuristic architecture made of steel and glass that is located right on the banks of the River of Rhine. For the citizens of Germany, the Museum named “Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum” is already known by the general public for a long time, because it was founded on October 31, 1993.

France, the museum named “Musee les Secrets du Chocolat”, visitors can see the history of the use of cocoa beans. Likewise in Belgium, the museum called “Choco-Story” in Bruges.

Even you will be blown away when visiting the Chocolate Museum in Jeju, South Korea with its unique architecture as resembling an ancient castle. Traveled to Jeju, while enjoying the culinary uniqueness of chocolate.

In the meantime, while waiting for the preparation of the opening of the chocolate museum in New York, on March 10, later the visitors can enjoy the ride tour of the chocolate, themed "Choco-Story New York" and "The Chocolate Museum in the eyes of Jacques Torres", they will choose which preferred between the two.

Invited guests had been in the list at the opening day, and this is the best opportunity for them to be able to taste various chocolate creations as well as watching the chocolate treatment session.

Source: Hizkia Darmayana - CNN Indonesia, Chocolate Museum of New York
Image: Mr. Chocolate


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