Thilafushi, Beautiful Laguna Turn Into Trash

A beautiful lagoon that is now turned into a garbage dump for Maldives

Thilafusi - Image credit Fizan

Maldives as a beautiful destination, and luxury holiday destination is certainly no doubt, the country as well as a tourist area with its natural beauty, white sand and clear blue sea water. But there is a sad story that is worthy of you know.

A beautiful lagoon that is now turned into a garbage dump for the Maldives, named Thilafushi lagoon.

Nobody guessed that the lagoon be so, the island has 400 thousand inhabitants and the adjacent region, citing the site CNN Indonesia, March 13, it produces a lot of garbage, and being ironic when he saw tourist arrivals reach millions of tourists annually.

You will agree that the presence of tourists turned out to actually create more waste volume swells, and this makes the Maldives local governments to rack my brain about the solution to the problems of this filth.

And now you can understand if then they throw it to the other islands around the region. Thilafushi become victims.

Thilafushi within a few kilometers from Male, the Maldivian capital, now a garbage dump for 'paradise' in the southern Asia, and this has been going on since 25 years ago.

Thilafushi initially appeared as a beautiful lagoon, citing the sites Amusing Planet, but local policy and then decide his fate began 25 years ago.

Once the decision is taken, in just one month, the beautiful lagoon directly covered litter, and you'll see various piles of plastic waste or used food, even the rest of the construction debris.

No need to wonder if now Thilafushi looks like a separate island, about 33 thousand tons of waste sent to Thilafushi from Male, and 'grow' approximately one square kilometer every day.

It is very unfortunate when processing waste in Thilafushi still not up, so many of which eventually end up in the ocean and crashing back to Male.

Thilafusi, depicting the most heavily industrialized area - Image credit Fizan

The worst is the environmental impact of other islands that are around the area, contaminated and threaten the life of the coral reef.

Now, after the world's environmental groups denounced it and the Maldives trash had become international discussions, making the Maldives government took a policy.

Among other new rules that prohibit landfills to Thilafushi and exporting garbage to India for recycling. Certainly.

Source: Lesthia Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, Amusing Planet
Image: Fizan via Wikipedia


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