Raw Meat Cake, The Different Birthday Cake

The new trend again in Tokyo and New York with the strange food creations

A chocolate buttercream birthday cake, illustration - Image credit Puschinka

Type of tasty birthday cake indeed there are a variety of currently available at various pastry shops in the big cities, you might be able to select appropriate that you want, whether it contains a flavor and a special mix, chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, vanilla or other flavor.

In fact there are already commonly found as a birthday cake of dough coated sponge cake with jam or fondant. Citing the sites CNN Indonesia, March 9, the birthday cake is often coated with a certain extra to make the cake so much more beautiful.

But. Not always a birthday cake is taste sweet, the trend changed apparently, now you immediately knew in Japan had changed, they make quite odd culinary creations.

You can imagine if today's popular is a birthday cake made out of raw meat in the form of sliced ​​beef and bacon. Thus, quoting Metro, this is the meat cake renaissance of 'meat cakes.'

How about this form of birthday cake? Cake is made is made from premium cuts of beef steak beef, pork, and fish are laid out in beautiful shapes.

Furthermore, premium meat slices are then laid out in a variety of unique shapes, for example, a box shape with floral decoration extra meat on it.

You'll be fooled, though its shape as befits a birthday cake, there is a happy birthday message written on her plate, even rare, no birthday candles is pinned on it.

And, the response was excellent from the culinary enthusiasts, even raw food trend has reached New York, they make creations more or less similar, but not in the form of raw meat that was formed as a birthday cake.

New York enthusiastically play with raw biscuit dough served in a cup of ice cream. As written in the Lonely Planet site, Christian Tomlan, owner of "DO Cookie Dough Confections" infatuated with raw biscuit dough, and then sold at his pastry booth.

Although their pastry shop opened at 10:00 local time, but the customers have been queuing since 8.30 am. That's a good sign.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Metro, Lonely Planet
Image: Puschinka via Wikipedia


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